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Our Background

  • Market leader with 20 years of activity and over 3000 graduates in last year alone. Placed graduates into more than 1400 companies at all levels.
  • 85% of HackerU’s graduates have found a job, within their field of expertise, 60% of those were placed at their first job directly by the HackerU’s staffing department.
  • Our professional trainings are widely recognized both in Israel and abroad
  • HackerU's instructors are really the best. They don't just teach, they also work in a leading industries and deal with the up-to-date issues on daily basis.
  • In addition: almost all of them served in the specialized Cyber/Software/IT IDF units
  • Head of cyber security discovered breaches and thwarted attacks on E-Bay, Facebook chat, Palo Alto, Gmail
  • Head of Software development is one of the top 4% contributors to Stack Overflow and consultant to Verint and Israel Ministry of Construction

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Our Clients